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Why Blokart? Can't I just build my own?

Blokarts can be quickly assembled & disassembled (without tools) and packed into a carry-bag, giving them a high degree of portability.

Due to their small size and maneuverability, blokarts are able to be sailed in small urban areas.

Blokarts have hand steering (unlike most other land yachts) and require few sail adjustments which make them particularly easy to learn to sail. This, along with its compact size, makes the blokart highly maneuverable and able to be used in small urban areas such as carparks or tennis courts.

Of course you could always build your own form of landyacht, but why would you when you can have fun sailing with others around the world in the Blokart community. And with that you get the added bonus of sharing gear when you leave bits at home.... nothing worse than meeting up with others for a day sailing and realising you've left your mast at home (it has happened). Don't sweat it, with other Blokart owners around it's not impossible to cobble together the gear you need so you can enjoy a day sailing after all - you can't do that with a home build.


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