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 K and A Johnson, with two sons,  aged 12 and 14

Special thanks to Steve Harvey for holding excellent race training sessions on both days.

Steve spent several hours over the weekend giving us all the chance to experience race starts and putting the strategies into practice.  The courses were set out and moved around to give us all the chance of learning how to sail in different wind directions and to discuss what we had learned.  The experienced BLSA members helped throughout the whole weekend, giving coaching advice and tips on how to improve.  All of this was done in such a way to be effective to all sailers there, no matter what level of experience.

I now feel far more confident on how to control the blokart, how to get the best out of different wind conditions and get the maximum enjoyment out of the blokart.  It has also made me eager to attend the other such fun weekends scheduled, as the whole weekend was a great experience and a great atmosphere.

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Andy J.

“Had a great weekend, great venue, food, and company - and for me my best racing result yet. Well done to Steve and every one else that made the event a success. Looking forward to the next one.“

John G.

“Thanks to Steven Harvey for a great inland event lets hope for many more!”

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Darren H.

“A big thank you to Steve and the marshals at this weekends midlands B series Blokart event.”

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Richard H.

“Having not sailed since the Brits 2010, the Midland 'B' series was a great weekend. Shame on me for not making the effort till now. Reminded my why I love blokarting, meeting a great bunch of people and having some fun. Thomas is now hooked and is telling me he needs a 4m sail! With both our birthdays pre Brits it's going to be an expensive month.... Many thanks to everyone who gave their time to run a fantastic event...” Thomas & Richard.

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Gary E.

“Thankyou to Steve and everyone who helped to make the weekend such a great event. I would also like to say that i really appreciated all off the tips and offers to lend me kit. Really enjoyed spending the week end with great people and hope to see more events at this fantastic midlands venue.”

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Steve V.

“A great weekend of fun Blokart racing at a really good venue. Thanks to all involved, especially to Steve, Tony all the marshalls. Looking forward to many more events at this accessible venue.”

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Nick G.

“I would just like to add my thanks to Steve, organisers, marshalls, button pusher and food providers for a great weekend. I hope Tony's middle finger gets better soon from all the button pushing, he was showing me how much it hurt quite a lot. I think its the only b series event this year where we didn't get wet! Great venue and some tricky winds to keep us guessing...”

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Ed D.

“Great weekend at the Midland 'b' series. Big thanks to Steven Harvey, Tony as race officer and all the marshalls for organising the event. Excellent venue. Hope to do a lot more Blokart sailing there.”

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Gareth J.

“thanks very much for a great weekend we had a great time, a big thanks to Steve for orginising a brill time from the meal out to the racing, it was also very nice to meet everyone and to make some new friends.”

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Andy E.

“Excellent weekend at the Midlands equivalent of Blokart Heaven. Parking on site camping on site all topped with good weather and great people. Big thanks to Steven Harvey ( for organising such a well attended event, biggest fleet so far. Also a big thanks to Tony for pushing the button and all the other marshals for giving there time.”

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Tony E. - Race Officer, Midlands 'B Series'

“Midland b series, Splendid Super Smashing weekend. Great Venue for future events a potential British Open site. Big thanks to Steven Harvey,  Marshals and to the Racers...Very entertaining from a button pushing point of view.”

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Elaine L.

Had a great day Blokarting, I would have stayed longer if I hadn't got cold. Steven was a great coach & talked me through all I needed to know before I started. I'd recommend this as a fun activity to anyone with or without sailing experience.

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Ian D.

superb day out sailing..Steve so laid back and helpful organising at short notice a fantastic fun time. totally recommend blokarting to everyone.. hope for more wind next time.

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