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If you only want the best, the blokart Pro is exactly what you are looking for.

With the polished stainless steel chassis you can keep maintenance to a minimum. The Blokart Pro is supplied with quality stainless steel parts and a brushed floor plate, a sail and a fiberglass mast. The Blokart Pro is made of 100% polished stainless steel, perfect for any damp or wet surface such as the beach. Stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion making it ideal for beach sailing and other harsh conditions. Moreover, the polished stainless steel also looks fantastic and high-tech.


Blokart is the one and only original, fun, fast and compact land sailor that is conquering the world at a rapid pace. Are you looking for fun for the whole family or are you going for the adrenaline rush when you go out with friends in strong winds, alone or in competition? Blokart has all this to offer; blokart... serious fun!

Due to its compact size, a blokart® can be used almost anywhere. From the beach to parking lots, sports and recreation areas, tennis courts, sports fields and even on the ice.

Each blokart is delivered in the sophisticated blokart bag and is ready-to-sail. The blokart bag contains everything you need to have your blokart ready to drive in 5 minutes without the need for any tools. You simply click the wheels onto the blokart, fold the seat back, the mast base forward and install the handlebars. Then assemble the mast and slide it into the sail. Now all you have to do is insert the mast into the mast base of the blokart and attach it. You're now ready to take off. This ingenious design makes the blokart unique, and its small dimensions also make it easy to transport when packed; just in the trunk of the car.

Blokart Pro V3 3.0m

Sail Colour
Expected to dispatch at the end of next week
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