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Welcome to AdrenawindSports

We represent windsports that were dreamt in New Zealand and now available worldwide - This is the UK home for the Wētā dinghy and Blokart, sailing on land.

AdrenawindSports began from a love of sailing, both on the water and on land. Originally started as a single brand (Kiwi Blokarts UK) offering all things Blokart, from activity sessions to complete Performance level Blokart packages that are ready to race, the addition of Wētā trimarans to the offering means we now offer two fantastic New Zealand design concepts that are sailed in nations around the globe.


Blokart sailing on land is almost identical to sailing on the water - it's a bit quicker but someone coming from a sailing background can adapt extremely quickly and most of the rules from on the water apply for Blokart sailing/racing too, so the transition is almost seamless.

But don't worry if you've never sailed before. It's super easy to learn the basics and we have often had complete beginners sailing solo in as little as 30 minutes. Trust us when we say "there's no easier way to learn to sail than in a Blokart".


Wētā trimarans are another NZ design success. With strong fleets in countries around the world and a passionate group of owners here in the UK we are super excited to offer this dinghy alongside the Blokart. We're realistic, it's not for everyone but almost anyone who can sail a dinghy can really enjoy the Wētā due to the simple layout, the ability to sail it single handed, double handed or with the kids. It also sails like any other dinghy with the centreboard in place which means tacking is responsive and once you have unfurled the gennaker you certainly get that rush of sailing a performance craft.

Come sailing - we have you covered for on the water or on the land!

Get in touch with us if you'd like to try either option and hopefully you'll be as addicted to sailing as we are.

Or maybe simply Subscribe to the site to stay in touch.

Fair winds all



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