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Sport Blokart for sale

This Blokart became surplus after upgrades and the current owner is clearing space so it's priced to sell.

It is well used but there's no reason it shouldn't give a new owner many more 'Blokart grins', especially as it has a choice of sails to use so your covered for a variety of wind conditions.

The sails themselves have had a few repairs but are usable as they are. (see attached images)

What's included?

'Sport' chassis complete with Blokart carry bag.

4.0 metre sail - Green

Custom 5.0 metre sail - Red (not class legal for racing)

All mast sections with carry bag

A number of Mast Protectors

Mast Crane

Located in Leicestershire

Price - £1850

There's also an official Class legal 5.5 metre sail available. This has a slight tear in the luff pocket but can certainly still be used as is, or could be repaired by replacing the luff pocket.

It's available for an additional £350 if purchased with the Blokart or £450 if purchased separately.

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