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'Restart the Blokart!'

As I write the draft for this post I’m currently sat outside under a tree waiting for our local garage to finish a service on the wife’s car. Why outside? Simply because it’s now not possible to wait in reception as we once could. It feels like it was only yesterday things were ‘normal’ and yet it also feels like a lifetime ago, and who knows if it will ever get back to where it was. In some ways I hope it doesn’t.

I’ve really enjoyed seeing families out walking/cycling/scootering together. The weather consistently seemed much nicer for the period that the main lockdown was happening, only to start to become typical again as things were eased and the roads began to get busier and people started to get around a bit more.

For me one of the hardest things was not being able to sail. That’s my neutraliser, my way of hitting reset. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on land in the Blokart or out on the water in the RS300 there’s something about switching off all the outside issues for a brief period of time and just focusing on maximising the time spent under sail, working windshifts, finding the best COG and trying to sail better than I did last time I was out.

It’s great to see clubs around the country are slowly becoming more active again and offering social races (yet competitive) for those that want to compete as well as opening the water for those that wish to just get out and sail.

Here at Kiwi Blokarts UK we are once again offering blokart sessions, albeit slightly different than before. All our Blokart sessions are available but we are limiting kart availability to one user per day. This allows us to clean everything down sufficiently between uses.

All sessions will are by prior arrangement only so please get in touch if you would like to join us.

We are also offering some great discounts on complete Blokart packages and sails as part of our 10th Birthday Celebrations for the month of July.

These can be shipped to you directly or you can ‘Click and Collect’ if you prefer.

Don’t forget to ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ us on our social media pages to know when we will be sailing.

Our new website allows you to signup as a member, simply hit the login button. This allows you to make purchases and see your purchase history, signup for events, earn badges, chat with other members and receive updates of Blokart related news.

If you are hunting for something specific that’s not listed you can either email us or use the contact page and we’ll help you the best we can.

If there’s anything else you think we could add to the new website just let us know, we’ll definitely consider it.

We’re also on the lookout for those of you who have a Blokart tucked away in the back corner of the garage or under the stairs...... we know your out there, why not get in touch and come sailing with the Central Blokart Club (

So all this leads me to the title - ‘Restart the Blokart’ - it would be great to see many more Blokart owners out there sailing, young and not so young, complete newbies and those who haven't sailed, and then of course all those friends and relatives who haven't had the experience yet. Lets make it happen!

Blokart racing with friends
Restart the Blokart

Fair winds everyone

Steve H


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